Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why do people hate Israel?

Why do people hate Israel?

Yahoo Q and A

1. Is it because Israeli democracy (without Arabs) is like Hitler’s democracy (without Gypsies, Jews)?
2. Is it because Israel draws it’s strength from the Zionism (an ideology worse than the Nazism)?
3. It is based on Theocratic Zealotry i.e. “God gave us the land, our God gave us the right to purge people due to ethnicity and religion”?
4. Is it because of intolerance i.e. “you are not a Semite, my religion is superior than yours, my race is superior than yours, you are reported (reliable source says, ‘most Report Monkeys are Israelis and Israeli supporters) and last sixty years dreadful record?
5. Is it because they are victims of their own propaganda?
6. Is it because they do not have any desire to make peace with the Palestinians?
7. Is it because they do not have any peace plan to make a peace with the Palestinians?
8. Is it because their desire to maim and murder unarmed Palestinians till they day of judgment i.e. we won’t allow any army in Palestine, we will control Palestinian airspace and boarder?
9. Is it because of their ultimate plan to drive Palestinians to sea?

No Report Monkeys please. Debate with intelligence and integrity.

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