Saturday, October 9, 2010

Geert Wilders gives historic speech in Berlin Oct. 2 2010

Geert Wilders gives historic speech in Berlin Oct. 2 2010

8 10 2010

This Israeli salve has been inciting violence against many ethno-religious groups under the guise of free speech! Yet, he is murdering other peoples’ free speech and moderating them!! He doesn’t mind to insult Jesus, mother Marry and Mohammed but not Moses!!!

He is scared of Israel.

Faruque Ahmed


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Head on over to Vlad Tepes to see a video of Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin a few days back. I’m having problems with embedding, for some reason or other – I think it’s because I’m too cheap to shell out for a video upgrade on this thing.

Meanwhile, at Covenant Zone: Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin – The kind of talk Europe’s totalitarian elites want to ban.

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9 10 2010 Ahmed (12:33:38) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

Hale Hitler Wilders! Do you have the guts? Then come out debate with me at Faruque Ahmed and Newt Gingrich Debate Links if you can.

Aren’t you intolerant person with a determination to remain manipulative Geert Wilders? I know now, why all other fair minded people do not want to discuss with you because they found you close minded, prejudiced and bigoted person.

In my book the case is very simple. Free speech for all or none! Should you dare to criticise any religion then all religions are free for debate, discussion and criticism. No one should be allowed to insult Jesus or Mohammad if Moses is not allowed to be the same level of scrutiny.

Wilders, your dogmatic and blatantly discriminatory style and approaches ought to be condemned. You and your supporters are enemies of free speech, peace and stability of the world. You are boring examples of barbaric and inhumane bestiality!

Your denial and barbaric attack on Islam clearly demonstrate the fact that in the name of free speech you are deliberately inciting against Muslims and Arabs. You are irrational and illogical. You failed to substantiate any of your point. You and your followers are resorting in insanity and profanity.

Remember, you are barbaric warriors with no cause. The good part is most people of the world are not loaded barbarians like you.

By the way, look at the reality and no one is listening to you.

CNN WORLD NEWS: Islam is the fastest-growing religion

Islam is Fastest Growing Religion in United States:

Times on line: Thousands of British people convert to Islam every year:

Why European women are turning to Islam:

Washington-Report: The Nation's Fastest Growing Religion

Washington Post: Islam Luring More Latinos

Islam is spreading among Thousands black South Africans

Many Converts to Islam Homepage:

Washington Post: Islam Attracting Many Thousands Survivors of Rwanda Genocide

By the way wilders, why do you love those Christ killer Jews? Why do you bend backwards for Zio-Nazi Israelis?

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bluebird1234 said...

The Quicker the Peoples Of Islamic religion go back home to there Eastern Countries and do all the Praying there, the better it will be because for us all Oil & water do not mix
and there Culture and ways are not in tune with the Western culture and likewise they are not in tune with us. So Please depart as we Christians, are not excepted in your country, or allowed to build are christian places of worship in your eastern world, we do not want your Mosques either. I do not want my Children to be praying to allah or my country to be taken as another Islamic state. Or as In the United Kingdom its called by many as "IslamicLand" for its Leaders or weak in the head and have note the Spirit or the guts of there ancestiors to make Brittania a nation of cultures that can be retained in the Islands
that was handed down to them by the Fathers of the past.